Life in the  
 Danu Bend  

An adventure can be experienced in many different ways, but telling them is another story.

In our blog we aim to convey the famous Danu-experience through selections, lists collecting the best places and moments and gripping stories. Guided by the Danu Bend’s very own adventurers, you can explore thousands of mysteries through the power of words and images.

And this is only the beginning. The world of the Danu Bend will expand in the near future, so you might want to check back often…

Pilis sights you’d regret missing

The forests of Pilis surround the Danube Bend from the south. Numerous beautiful vantage points, huge boulders and fairy-tale gorges await explorers in the spring. The rich flora and fauna is now awakening, and the sights of Pilis are once


Verdant realms of the Pilis and Visegrád mountains

Although people see them as two sides of the same coin, the overlapping regions of the Pilis and Visegrád mountains are micro regions with completely different geological backgrounds. These neighboring ranges certainly have features in common: they can boast of


The Best Christmas Market in the Danube Bend

Flickering candles, the sweet smell of mulled wine, and the jingle of Christmas tunes. There is something truly magical about advent preparations. The unique mood of the Danube Bend mixed with the magic of advent is a truly blessed combination.