The 8 best hiking trails around Esztergom

As nature slowly awakens, so does the urge grow in us to explore another notable natural wonder of the Danube Bend.

Let us now discover together 8 possible destinations near a real treasure of a landscape. Are you ready for a fantastic trip to Esztergom?

Let’s go out!

The half-restored Esztergom Basilica towers as a jewel over the wonderful city of Esztergom; a truly popular tourist destination on the Danube Bend.

There are many cultural, architectural and gastronomic treasures awaiting visitors, but those who seek relaxation will not be disappointed here either, as the city offers several opportunities in terms of wellness (Aquasziget Adventure Spa, Bellevue Wellness Hotel or Grand Hotel Esztergom with a private SPA).

Not wishing to dissuade you from exploring the wonders of the city, but since there are few things more beautiful than the sight of nature awakening – and we assume after the confinement of the winter months you wish to see greenery – we thought we would invite you to take a stroll in the wild, so we bring you 8 excellent hiking trails in Esztergom.

I. The well-seasoned Strázsa Hill

Difficulty level: easy (but suitable hiking shoes are required, cannot be taken with a stroller)

Trail length: 1.2 km (about 1 hour)

Strázsa Hill is situated on the western border of the Danube-Ipoly National Park. The nature trail has several interesting sights for those who decided to hike around Esztergom.

An incredible panorama enfolds on the summit, with a special observation tower – reminiscent of a lighthouse – awaiting visitors. To avoid disappointment, it is worth taking an organized trip ensuring you can also go up in the tower, as it remains closed without prior arrangement.

At the foot of the mountain you may admire the Gyilkos (Killer) Lake, which may be scary-sounding, but has an interesting history (once used for washing tanks). The nature trail also provides an opportunity to observe the rare animal and plant species of the region.

The freely downloadable Duna-Ipoly mobile application can help you find out more about directions and learn about the trail itself.

II. The abandoned coal dump of Esztergom

Difficulty level: for beginners

Trail length: the organized water tour takes about 3 hours

The somewhat spooky former coal-loading tower now rises above the Danube as an industrial monument. This special destination is recommended to be reached by water with an organized kayak/canoe tour – or by SUP, i.e. stand-up paddling during the warmer season.

Along with the nearby islands of Tát, this getaway can be a memory for a lifetime.

III. Unforgettable Panorama: Boldog Özséb Lookout

Difficulty level: easy

Trail length: 14.4 km (about 4 hours)

If you want heights, you should seek out the Boldog Özséb Lookout located at the highest point of the Pilis Mountains, at 756 meters.

Apart from the lookout itself, this round trip is also dotted with such curiosities as the ruins of a medieval abbey or the remains of a secret rocket base. And when you reach the top, the amazing view will be your reward!

Opened in 2014, the building is free to visit, and if you climb it, you can admire the Pilis landscape from an extra 17 meters higher.

IV. The hidden valley of Miklos-deák

Difficulty level: easy

Trail length: 2.7 km (maximum 1 hour)

This magnificent string of lakes is a lesser-known treasure of the Visegrád Mountains, accessible from Pilismarót.

It is very easy to get there, as the road is paved all the way to the lakes, so you can even take the distance with a stroller. These artificial lakes, in addition to their role in tourism, also serve as a serious line of defense: during flash floods from the mountains, they absorb the extra amount of water.

From Pilismarót, follow the tourist sign “P” to reach the lakes hidden in the valley.

V. Don’t catch cold at Hideglelős-kereszt!

Difficulty level: difficult (steep)

Trail length: 1.3 km

Hideglelős-kereszt (Shiver Cross) sounds strange at first, but there is a simple explanation for its name. A procession to the Cross happens in May of each year.

Since approaching this peak of Hosszú-hegy (Long Mountain) stretching over the Danube takes a 20-minute intense climb, members of the procession usually reached the cross in a very sweaty state. And there is almost always a little wind up there, so the pilgrims “got the shivers” in no time in the open air. In addition to the special background story, there is an interesting folk tradition associated with the cross: it is believed that the person who goes around the statue three times will be cured of all sicknesses.

VI. Majális Spring always tastes great!

Difficulty level: easy (walk)

Trail length: 3 km

If you are looking for an easy stroll, this might be an ideal option for you.

Starting from the bus stop of Búbánatvölgy, following the sign of Mary’s route, you can reach the beautifully constructed tiny spring. The water of the Majális (Mayfair) Spring is potable, and tastes particularly good.

Whether as a destination or as a stop on a longer tour, it is definitely worth to visit this natural wonder during springtime.

VII. The joyful Búbánatvölgy

Difficulty level: medium

Trail length:13 km (about 4 hours)

Búbánatvölgy (Valley of Sorrows) is the queen of hiking trails near Esztergom. Since the route is of medium difficulty, it is only recommended for older children.

The only downside to this wonderful trip is that you have to walk along the busy Route 11 for a while, which requires extra attentiveness. First follow the red triangle sign, then after reaching the top of Sas-hegy (Eagle Mountain), continue on the red “+” sign.

Being really vigilant, you can even spot a hidden sacred portray.

VIII. Exceptional view at Róka Cliff

Difficulty level: medium (start only with suitable hiking shoes)

Trail length: about 5 km (75 minutes at a regular pace)

This is a natural formation with wonderful views, displaying the nearby mountain ranges and the surrounding lakes.

The easiest way to get here is if you start at the Kerek-tó (Round Lake) in Esztergom. Follow the red stripe tourist sign to Őr-hegy (Guard Mountain), then turn right and continue on the red cross trail. From then on, all you have to do is follow the beaten path and soon you will see a sight unlike any other.

We hope we have succeeded in convincing you to go outside and discover wonderful places in the Danube Bend. Always prepare with the right footwear and be ready for creating great memories on any of the hiking trails you have chosen to visit near Esztergom!